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Wanhat Unelmat ky
Aniantie 2-4 17200 Vääksy Asikkala

info@wanhatunelmat.fi www.wanhatunelmat.fi

puh. 041-7192610
Tuulikki Juusela
puh. 050 564 1944

Avoinna pe-su kello 11-18


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Old Dreams come true

Sunnuntai 15.8.2010 klo 11:25 - Tuulikki

I have many clients in my shop from very many countries. Asikkala is very beautiful place to spend holiday, especially in summer. This summer we have had clients from Japan, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Estonia, Russia, Canada, German, USA, UK, Norway – just some examples.

The name of the shop describes our dreams, elder and of course new ones. Everyone has dreams.

We do concentrate mainly in finnish items, but we also have good russsian, english, german and swedish items. Arabia porcelain, Riihimäki, Nuutajärvi and Karhula glass ware are our expertise. Especially coffee and teacups are very popular collectables. I have a client who already has 850 cups but she still every time finds at least one new!

Most of items are around 30-70 years old but we also have antique items. That is an item which is at least 100 years old and is collected or desirable due to rarity, condition, utility, or some other unique feature.

Vintage does interest more and more. This summer we have had (already sold out) vintage clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. They were really very popular! Even "competition" around some items. Some exellent jewelry items from 60´-ies are left.

And of course some golden jewelry.

Many finnish toys are collectables for example plastic cars and different dolls. Old watches, film posters, matchboxes, pens and of course postcards are very popular. We have nearly 10.000 postcards.

We have about 10.000 books from various fields. Most of them are in finnish or in swedish, but especially art and architecture in differnt languages.


You can contact us in english, auf deutsch, på svenska


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